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  1. Companionship

    No senior should ever feel alone. NorthWest Guided Care senior home care service offer companionship that delivers healthy social interaction to seniors. Our caregivers are a care companion for your loved ones offering the love, respect, and care that they deserve. Whether you would like companion care each day or simply for a couple of hours a day, we have got the right companion for your parent.  Many seniors live alone or are alone in their homes for portions of the day. At this point, seniors may feel lonely, isolated, or maybe depressed, which may cause poor physical health. Companion care puts someone within the home to supply healthy social interaction for these seniors. But companionship for seniors is quite just a sitter service. we attempt to create quality relationships with seniors and to fill the time with meaningful and stimulating activities. Companionship services often include participating in activities that the senior enjoys like reading books, light housekeeping, sharing stories, playing games, taking walks, meal preparation, shopping.

  1. Transportation

    North West guided home care service provides transportation assistance to assist seniors to maintain their freedom and independence. Without a reliable thanks to getting to doctor’s appointments or purchase food and other household supplies, seniors can’t realistically remain in their homes as they age. Our caregivers supply senior transportation services to appointments, shopping trips, and even special events. Having access to safe transportation keeps older adults connected with family, friends, and their community.

    Northwest guided home care service helps seniors maintain their independence by enabling them to urge around town safely. Our caregivers assist seniors into and out of vehicles and act as chauffeur to require aging seniors wherever they need to travel.

    Our caregivers can perform other services alongside transportation services. for instance, we will provide companionship while you attend doctor’s appointments. Or, our caregivers can assist you to complete your errands while out and about.

  2.  Housekeeping

    North provides light housekeeping services as a part of our overall in-home care to wash and organize the homes of seniors. Our caregivers will cover a variety of sunshine housekeeping duties and help sort through the clutter to stay the house neat and arranged. We are committed to maintaining a secure and clean home for all our clients. ask one among our in-home caregivers to make a housekeeping plan for your loved ones.

    Often, seniors need touch help to stay their homes clean. As we age, it’s not as easy to wash the floors or the bath. Our caregivers help relieve a number of the burden and may assist you with cleaning tasks around the house to take care of a clean and healthy environment. We don’t offer poker hand-keeping services but we do help with services like Wiping down counters doing dishes, cleaning the toilet, vacuuming, doing laundry or ironing, dusting, preparing meals, changing linens, and assisting with pet care. If you need a caregiver in Seattle, WA or the surrounding areas, contact NorthWest Guided Home Care to learn how we can help with our senior care services.