• Thank you so much for taking care of my dad. My dad is diabetic and he is 72 he needed food as his doctor prescribed and also some exercise to control his weight and blood glucose level. Hiring the services of North West guided home care has been the best decision of my life. My dad not only has been healthy but also is more active than before. Renee Shawn 38
  • Great job! The whole staff is very professional and humble. My uncle looks forward to seeing you guys every day. -Helen 40
  • Highly recommended at all times! I am a mother of six ranging from 2 years to 13 and managing my job and kids has been hectic enough for me to look after my mom. My mom fell from the stairs once and since then she has a risk of falling again which is why she stopped going out on walks or doing much physical activity. After hiring services of North West guided home care my mom goes on regular walks and loves to play games with my kids, she even started running around after them. I am so happy to thank you so much! -Katie Elliot 45
  • Always serves with a smile no matter what the weather is or how fussy my grandma is. -Andy 30
  • You will never know how much we appreciate your services. It’s been 6 months since your team has been looking after my grandfather and now my grandma. Both of them have been more careful in taking their meds and also have improved eating habits. My parents have been the happiest seeing their parents happy. Thank you so much –Johnny 34

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