North provides light housekeeping services as a part of our overall in-home care to wash and organize the homes of seniors. Our caregivers will cover some housekeeping duties and help sort through the clutter to stay the house neat and arranged. We are committed to maintaining a secure and clean home for all our clients. Ask one among our in-home caregivers to make a housekeeping plan for your loved ones.
Often, seniors need help with their regular chores in keeping their places clean. As they age, it’s not as easy to wash the floors or the bath. Our caregivers help relieve a number of the burden and may assist you with cleaning tasks around the house to take care of a clean and healthy environment. We don’t offer poker hand-keeping services but we do help with services like Wiping down counters doing dishes, cleaning the toilet, vacuuming, doing laundry or ironing, dusting, preparing meals, changing linens, and assisting with pet care.

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