My first care giving experience started in high school helping my mother take care of my grandparents. My grandparents were farmers who enjoyed their independence but started showing signs of early dementia and need additional help.  My mother also had health issues due to diabetic complications which led her to kidney disease and dialysis.  At the time I enjoyed helping my mother and my grandparents but also wanted to start a career in banking.  My mother continued to help her parents until her health worsened and other family members stepped in to help.  After 10 years of my mother going to the dialysis center, she decided that she wanted to dialyzes at home.  My father and I wanted my mother to be happy, so we started training to perform dialysis and became certified to dialyze my mother at home.  Dialysis went very smooth, and my mother loved to be able to watch her own t.v and talk on the phone as much as possible while in the comfort of her own home.  As years progressed my mother suffered another diabetic complication and required leg amputation.  My mother never made it home and passed away from a stroke following the surgery.  When my mother was alive, she would talk for hours about her dreams and aspirations.  She loved helping others and one of her dreams was to start a senior home care facility.  After my mother’s passing, I no longer had the desire to work for the bank, so I began working as a caregiver.  I wanted to give back and provide support to people who most needed help.  My career as a caregiver blossomed and I became a caregiver supervisor working for two amazing companies for over 8 years.  I wanted to go farther and pursue my mother’s goal and start my own agency to honor her and everyone else that needs care.  I am passionate about changing people’s lives and eager to help families during difficult times.